More recently it was popular to decorate the windows of house with ordinary curtains. Today, the scope for creativity in interior design has expanded even more. Now you can choose not only between the colors and the type of fabric. There are modern ways to protect windows and interior decor. For example, blinds-curtains vertical type – allusion blinds. What can be interesting about this option and what are the advantages for such designs?

Advantages of allusion blinds. List of all the advantages of allusion blinds: strength, durability, highly aesthetic design with wide possibilities of décor, anti-static effect - dust and dirt less stick to the canvas, maintainability - if one of the slats is heavily contaminated or stretched, it can be easily replaced; easy care - they can be vacuumed or simply wiped with a damp cloth as needed.

Allusion blinds are considered the most successful way to replace the standard curtains made of fabric. The fact is that they fit perfectly into the interior of most rooms of a private house, apartment or office.

In addition, it is mandatory to equip the bedroom with such systems, because the blinds allow you to easily control the amount of light entering the room.

At the same time they have the ability to visually raise the ceilings in the room where they are mounted. As a result, the room seems much more spacious than it actually is.

Most blinds of this design are impregnated with special flame retardants and means to protect their slats from fading in the sun. Such impregnation is absolutely harmless for the residents of the apartment, while it allows you to buy fabric protection from unpleasant odors, and give it dust-repellent properties. Such fabrics are easy to clean with a dry or damp cloth, and if the pollution is old and complex, you will only need to replace one of these slats, but not all the blinds completely. In the same way, when you're such impregnations do not like, you have the option of selection of natural material.

As vertical blinds do not interfere with the free circulation of air, they can be used when you want to darken the room, leaving the opportunity to ventilate it.

Design. For example, light rooms will look best together with dark curtains, and dark walls will be perfectly combined with light. As a result, the room will not look gray and dull, and will receive in its design some "highlight".

In order to give the room even more personality, you can use bright and contrasting colors that allow you to select a window in the overall interior of the room. Here the main criterion is the coincidence of the color of the blinds and upholstery in the room. For example, covers on chairs, tablecloth table and sofa cushions should coincide with the colors of the blinds.

It is always worth remembering that the fabric of vertical blinds can be divided by the degree of transmission of sunlight. Thus, you will need to combine the desired design of the product with its functionality, for example, for the same living room you can choose a light green color, perfectly in harmony with the wallpaper of a light tone. It is appropriate to look and complement the interior of vibrant colors.

If the option of solid color design does not suit you, try to buy combined blinds that can combine a variety of textures and shades. Many interior designers believe that it can be very interesting options that combine blue, yellow and red shades.

Allusion blinds made of fabric will look even better in your room when you correctly imagine their role in the interior of the room. For example, with their help, some rooms make a small area visually wider. To this end, the blinds are placed in the entire wall.

In order to make the room visually higher, you need to fix the ceiling cornice so that the slats hung down. Too high ceilings can be visually "reduced" if you choose a contrast to the finish of the blinds and mount them on stage. It is desirable to perform this procedure as close as possible to the horizontal slope of the windows.

There is also an option with combined blinds, having a dark lambrequin on top and a light canvas on the bottom, visually reducing their height. Such curtains should also be hung in rooms with high ceilings. In other rooms, they should not be used, as it can give an unpleasant design effect.

If you have a small room, choose a curtain to match the main finish. In this way you will make the interior less congested, and your room will not seem so small. In addition, in this way you can emphasize the severity of the situation, for example, in the office.

Many interior designers note that the described curtains can serve not only for decorating window and doorways, but also for the design of various niches and piers. To make this design turned out to be the most successful, it is necessary not only to choose vertical fabric blinds and their photos in the interior, but also to make such a niche as close as possible to the finish of the material of such curtains. In addition, these blinds can hide the same TV, placed in a niche.

Consultation of the designer will be obligatory for you if you are going to show your design to your guests. The fact that their own relatively well you can pick up blinds only for domestic purposes, and the office will require the involvement of a specialist. In this case, you will be guaranteed a quality design that should appeal to all your friends and acquaintances.

In order for your blinds have served you for a long time, you need to periodically take care of them. This will not only preserve their appearance, but will give a feeling of freshness to the entire interior of a room. Usually for everyday care it is enough to wipe the slate a couple of times with a cloth or sponge.

By the way, there is a possibility of washing the described products in the washing machine. To do this, the blinds are disassembled and the slats are placed in a special fabric bag or ordinary sheet. This is done to ensure that they are not disheveled and confused. Washing is carried out in a delicate mode, after which the spin and drying you do not need, as dried slats should be slightly damp.


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