People like to change something when some period is ending and new is coming. School holidays are ending, so it is a great time to change. Decors in homes transform from summer to autumn style. Maybe you already plan some renovation in your house, but you still do not know what exactly you want to change. One of the quickest change of creating new décor of rooms is a metamorphosis of the window’s decoration. It adds a special effect on the room and can completely change the atmosphere in the room. You have many possibilities for how you do it.

So what solution is the best to decide on, decorating windows in 2019? Recently, more and more are popular roman blinds. Designers are loved in this type of blinds and people are pleased to decorate their windows with these blinds. 

Why roman blinds are a great choice for decorating the room?

1. Interiors’ hit


On the market available are various blinds. It gives almost unlimited choice in the décor of rooms. But from all types of blinds, the most popular are roman blinds. They have an interesting shape and look amazing in every room. Plain blinds, with patterns, transparent with special features in duo type – the market is full of myriad kinds of different types of blinds, especially roman blinds. 

They are a very decorative type of classic blinds. They are usually made of a plain, smooth, slow-hanging material. This decorating windows and the entire interior element has gained recognition mainly due to the elegant way of folding the fabric into a harmonica.


2. Roman blinds - they fit into any room and any arrangement


Roman curtains will work in any interior, regardless of the style in which it was designed. In modern, minimalist interiors, we choose smooth blinds in white, gray or black. Classic arrangements can be equipped with a blind with floral, geometric patterns with a clearer texture. However, for lovers of glamor style, we propose Roman blinds with decorative silver-plated patterns.


Material covers are distinguished by overlapping layers of fabric. Regardless of whether the Roman blinds are rolled up or lowered visually create a unique effect that draws special attention to itself.


Our favourite space for roman blinds is the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


  • Roman Blinds in the kitchen

If you think about it more deeply, it is the kitchen that sets the rhythm of the day for the whole family and it is here in the morning we hurry to work or school, in the afternoon we meet for lunch, and in the evening, without rush, we eat dinner. The kitchen must be arranged in such a way that we feel good in it, and stylish Roman Blinds can add to its charm.

If your kitchen is decorated in a Scandinavian style, full of simplicity and functionality, then also in this style should be decorated windows. The perfect solution will be plain roman blinds, with Scandinavian colours: gray, beige, pewter.

In bright kitchens better will be stronger colours, because they add the room character.

If you have a traditional kitchen, then the stylish, patterned roman blinds with flounces, bows or fringes will be perfect. 

A little hint. It is good to choose colours based on the principle of contrast.

If the kitchen is in darker colours, then the blinds should be brighter – and vice versa.


  • Roman Blinds in the living room

 It is a second important place at home, so we cannot forget about decorating it. Blinds will be not only protected from the sun but also decorate the room. They should be selected depending on the style of the interior, i.e. Scandinavian blinds for Scandinavian interiors, Provencal blinds - for Provencal, and glamor blinds - for glamor interiors. 


  • Roman blinds in the bathroom

Not many people decide to use Roman Blinds in the bathroom. We do not know why. After all, it is the bathroom that maintains intimacy and privacy is of particular importance, and fashionable Roman blinds will fulfill these tasks perfectly.


3. Versatile use of Roman blinds - both during the day and at night


During the day - protect against the sun, evening and night - protect against street lights. They will also provide you with the necessary privacy for 24 hours.

Roman blinds are very useful during the day - especially in the summer. Thanks to them you can control the level of light entering the interior by raising and lowering the fabric to the desired height. Covering the windows may be useful, for example, when eating breakfast on a very sunny day in the dining room or during the afternoon watching a movie, when the setting sun shines directly on the TV screen.


Partially blocking the sun is not enough for you? In that case, hang Blackout Roman blinds on the windows in the living room and in the bedrooms, which will completely cut off the access of light - both daylight and emitted by street lamps or cars - whenever you wish. Thanks to this, people accustomed to absolute darkness at night will be able to fall asleep quickly, and in the morning they will wake up rested and full of energy.


What you get thanks to Roman blinds


Each of the Roman blinds is unique. It's a decoration that makes the space comfortable and elegant. Textile window covers made of high-quality fabrics ensure trouble-free use for many years. The variety of Roman blinds allows us to choose the best colour, structure, and finish of the material. Thanks to this, every window decoration can be adapted to our taste and the style of the interior of the flat.



How do Roman blinds work at home conditions?


Roman blinds are considered one of the most practical window covers. First of all, their control system is not complicated and is relatively quick to operate. The fabric does not wrinkle or bend during folding. The material is arranged in even folds. The brake built into the mechanism allows you to stop the Roman blind at the height you choose. Another advantage of Roman blinds is the ability to easily keep them clean. Most of the materials are designed for machine washing or hand washing. Some fabrics can be ironed.