Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds – a popular way of window decoration, long stepped over the scope of office space. Practical, stylish, easy to use products provide effective protection of the interior space from too bright lighting, curiosity, and some models – even able to partially reduce the level of noise penetrating from the street. A wide range of sun protection systems and control mechanisms allows you to purchase a model that best meets the wishes of the customer and the architectural features of the room. Consider the possible options: The traditional way to control the illumination using horizontal aluminum systems is the use of two guiding elements – a chain (for lifting the slats) and a handle (for turning them around the axis). They can be located on one or opposite sides of the opening. Upgraded modern system – horizontal Venetian blinds with slats of aluminum alloys. They feature a special chain that implements all control functions. The models are equipped with an automatic stopper that allows you to install the slats at the required level. Such products are close to the glass, provide convenient ventilation, do not occupy the windowsill. The system is designed for installation on wooden and plastic Windows without breaking the seal of PVC profile. Motorized sun protection systems – a convenient, reliable and safe option to control the level of illumination of the interior space. Models are controlled by a button, using remote control on the radio or infrared channel, a way to connect to a Smart Home system, using solar automation or programmable timers. Safety of electric Windows is provided by low voltage – 24 V, required for their operation.