Recently, on the market appeared Vision Blinds and they are absolutely amazing. Vision Blinds will fil your space with charm and elegance. Although many people do not know about them. Vision Blinds are new, and people choose these blinds to design modern spaces. But people who did not hear about Vision Blinds should know them. Vision Blinds are an elegant and practical solution, so they suit ideal with modern spaces, but not only. They are new and are known for not many people, it means that Vision Blinds will make your room’s look original and special. If you want to find out more about Vision Blinds, this is the right place for you. Vision Blinds are worthy to be known because of how they work and look. They are simple in use, and they look amazing. And what is important, Vision Blinds give us full control of the amount of light and privacy.

The name “Vision Blinds” is not familiar to you? Maybe you heard about names like Day & Night roller blinds or Twist roller blinds? These three names mean the same and describe the one kind of blinds. You can put an equal sign between these names, like this:

Vision Blinds = Day & Night Roller Blinds = Twist Roller Blinds

So, now when you know that Vision Blinds can hide under different names, check what they are and how they work.

How work Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds are similar to Roller Blinds, and enough similar to Venetian Blinds. In this combination, Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds connect the best features of them. As a result, were created the perfect Vision Blinds. The way in which Vision Blinds are operated is the same as in Roller Blinds. But the vision of Vision Blinds is similar to the vision of Venetian Blinds.

Vision Blinds have two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric that move independently from each other. When we manipulate them, it looks like stripes are changing their places. Ones they are in a rotation so you can see what is happening outside, and then the parts of coloured stipes of blinds can be set in the way with no vision, giving protection from the sun and some curious eyes. Vision Blinds due to these features are very practical in use. The best way to show you how they work is showing you the film in which is clearly seen how they work. So, watch the film below to see better how Vision Blinds work.

We hope that after watching this film, the work of Vision Blinds is clearer for you now.

The two layers of fabric are the best explaining why the blinds’ name is 'VISION' Blinds. The transparent layer allows the light on entering into the room, and the layer with some colour block the light. Due to these two layers, you can easily manipulate the amount of vision and the amount of light by setting smoothly the position of Vision Blinds with the chain. Vision blinds can be also motorised, so manipulating the blinds can be even easier and more comfortable.

Privacy and full control of the light

The Vision Blinds’ fabric allows you on seeing everything outside but also it gently filters and softens the daylight. Due to two layers, you can control your privacy as well. You can set full privacy or partially privacy. You are able to set your privacy on what level you want. It depends only on you on what position you set the blinds.

Stylish, Elegant, Beautiful

There is not only one advantage of a practical feature of Vision Blinds. They are also very stylish, elegant and beautiful blinds that fit in all kinds of spaces. The stripes look amazing and very classic. You can have a lot of fun with choosing Vision Blinds. You can also think that stripes are boring and monotonous. But, on the market is so many different tones of colours of stripes and many interestingly looking compositions of them, so it is impossible that you would not find something for yourself. You can be highly surprised in the positive way of the look of your room in which will be Vision blinds. Choosing Vision Blinds, you can be sure that your room will look stunning and will be very stylish.

Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms

Vision Blinds can be hang in all kinds of rooms, but they perfectly suit for kitchens and bathrooms. These are rooms in which we need a lot of light. In the kitchen, we spend a lot of time on cooking and we need good visibility. The place in which we often make the make-up is the bathroom, and with bad light, we can create something really bad on our face. We need the light in these rooms, but also privacy is very important. You could feel really awkwardly when someone from outside would look at you in your pyjamas during your daily activities. Thanks to Vision Blinds you can have enough amount of the light and save your privacy from strangers. And of course, they look really stylish. So you can achieve great looking rooms and peace of mind that nobody is looking at you.

After reading this article, you know everything about Vision Blinds that you need at first to know about them.

They are a very practical solution for your room. Vision Blinds help you to control the amount of the light and offer full privacy. You can manipulate the position of Vision Blinds and set in that way which is the best for you in a current moment. With Vision Blinds your room will look very stylish and elegant. The enormous number of colours and combinations of stripes allow you on choosing blinds that you like the most and fit perfectly to your room.