Now there's a valuable ally in the war against disease with Ultra-Fresh™, an anti-microbial coating that is only available with Louvolite® fabrics.

Ultrafresh™ treated fabrics kill MRSA on contact.

Window blinds that have the Ultra-Fresh™ treatment help maintain a sterile environment in hospitals, nursaries and care homes. Not only will the window blinds provide an effective and efficient form of adjustable solar shading, but they also guarantee a sterile, germ-free surface for many years to come.

Our range of specialist fabrics offer the healthcare sector a number of major benefits:

• Ultra-fresh™ provides both vertical and roller blinds with effective antibacterial and antifungal properties that preserve hygienic freshness - permanently!

• The window blinds will inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, mould and mildrew, producing a self deodorising surface.

• Ultra-fresh™ treated fabrics are part of the Louvolite® flame retardant performance range.

• Window blinds that are easy to maintain and will retain their sterile properties even after washing.

• Ultra-fresh™ is completely safe and exclusive to several ranges of Louvolite® fabrics.